City Road into Moorgate by Bloomberg

Hello all. I do not know if it is new, but there is a camera patroling the bus lane down Finsbury Square southbound. It is tempting because you are in the correct lane for over the crossroads, nip and tuck round M and S, down towards Liverpool St. Station and London Wall. I wonder if the camera has been mounted as part of the renovation of that building and cocktail bar that got razed on Tabernacle St. Anyway, a heads up for those of you, like me, had not a clue.

Yup… I got done a few weeks ago…

Thing is the penalty charge notice took 2 weeks to come through, and at that time I’d been using the route for over 2 weeks. Was worried I was going to get 10+ of the things…

I think on safety grounds the bus lane should be suspended until the works are complete, as it’s competely counter-productive

(perhaps I’m biased?!?)

Same here, I received two PCN’s through the post this week for offences committed on the 8th & 11th. I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to produce the PCN based on viewing a “live feed”. I reckon that they conduct a random review of the recorded footage after-the-fact and then post out the fines.

I agree that they should suspend it as a result of the crossrail works.