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City of London to remove a bike bay

Proposed closure of Motorcycle parking bay - Old Jewry, City of London

The City is proposing to close the MC bay on Old Jewry. It is one of the few bike parking bays close to Bank. The bay is being closed due to some technical issues with changing access, however, the City have not proposed an alternative at this time.

The remaining City parking bays are very well used / a lifeline for bikers of all sorts.

The City seems to have had no issues putting in additional cycling bays in road parking space and even electric scooter bays - so the space does exist.

MAG is writing to complain, but if anyone else commutes into the City and feels motivated to send a response/objection then please do - however the deadline is tomorrow Dec 17th.

The given email address for responses/objections is:

[email protected]

You might want to object to the closure, ask for access to the bay to be maintained or that an alternative bay is put in nearby.

You might also want to point out that motorcycles provide a good alternative for travel during the pandemic for those who have to travel into work.