City of London parking

After years of being good to us on two wheels, the Corporation has apparently got tough with us; the established bike bay near my office is now out of bounds, after the parking attendants issued tickets to all bikes twice in one week. Today, only one brave biker left his bike there, and yes, it had a ticket on it in the evening.

We all have to appeal against our tickets, but will also sign a joint petition to cancel the tickets as the bay is established (at least three years of hassle free parking), and we have all at some time been told by PAs that we’re OK to park there, as it’s private property! The ‘bay’ is in Queenhithe (High Timber Street) (an L-shaped area sort of under a corner of a building) so please don’t use it until we get some clarity.

To avoid getting a ticket, make sure you park in a proper bike bay, and don’t be fooled by the sheer numbers of bikes around you: the bike ‘bay’ in question had at any time 20-30 bikes. Also, please note that the Corporation PAs carry cameras and are required to take photos of any vehicles they ticket.

Thanks for that Paivi