City Lunch

City Lunch, 12:15, 31st of January at Pizza Express Leadenhall Market.
Sign up here and I’ll book the table. Bring your business cards.




Miss Plum


Rusty (Maybe)

im interested mate, keep me posted.

Cool, there are some bikers at my office that can come too.

count me in. Please not half-cooked chef’s-can’t-be-arsed Nandos though.

I’m a lady about town so I’m in - also not too far from Fenchurch street. :slight_smile:

I’d be up for that. Always happy to sneak off at lunchtime.

Does Friday 31st suit everyone? We should all have been paid by then.

Will there be a comparing business cards section?

“That’s bone, and the letterings called silian rail”…

Great film!

I’m not important enough to have business cards :frowning:

So we all good for 31st??

Yes. Does 12:30 at Pizza Express in Leadenhall Market work for everyone? Sign up here and I’ll book a table. Make sure you bring your business cards.

I’ll get some printed then. count me in.


I’ll be up for that. Reasonably close to. What are the bike parking bays like round there, busy? Which is nearest? The ParkingForBikes site doesn’t appear to be in sync with Google Maps.

Business cards ordered! hopefully they’ll arrive in time

Not sure you understood what we meant by ‘business cards’

busy at work today Gav?

I’ll be booking this on Monday so any other peeps who are interested post here.

I will be in Bromley in the morning, not sure what time I will finish there as I maybe required to stay!
Also will be on the bike, so no idea where to park around there.