City Lunch

Anyone fancy it next week?!

How about Thursday 26th? Can do Thai again? Or Japanese? (sushi? noodles?) Chinese? (dim sum?!)…

i could next month but i’m skint at the mo

Any ideas were abouts?

Somewhere in the City - usually walking distance of Bank or Liverpool St :slight_smile: The Chenster has suggested Loch Fyne in Leadenhall Market (although it seems it takes some convincing for him to actually post it here…). Previous options have included Ping Pong on Appold St, Wagamamas in Tower 42, Ekatchai by Liverpool St Station (the Arcade) and anywhere which has a voucher promotion going at the time :wink:

I’d be up for this if newbies are allowed and depending on what crisis we are lurching towards at work on that particular day!

Actually scratch that I’m doing an off-road training day next Thursday :w00t:

Loch fyne have a £10 voucer till the 28th of feb

Oooooh - good spot!! Where do we obtain one of those please!? :smiley:

I don’t mind what day - I was just picking one - Viggen is also saying he cant do it. Of course newbies are more than welcome… Which date do you propose!?

Any day other than Monday and Thursday next week. How about Wednesday to get over the middle of the week blues?

Wednesday is BMM too…two doses of LB in one day…can I hack it?!£10-Gift-Voucher.aspx :slight_smile:

Can I put my name down as a “maybe”? Trouble is I can never really tell until the day how long I can get out for. Sorry I pulled out last time.

Yup, up for this as ever but never sure until that morning if I can get out. :hehe:

Cheers K x No worries guys - see how we go :slight_smile:

Me please :slight_smile: liked the last one… Q

So… Wednesday 25th at Loch Fyne anyone!? About 12pm? :smiley: (they dont just do fish)

Loch Fyne, Leadenhall Market
77-78 Gracechurch Street

Tel: 020 7929 8380


For the voucher for a £10 gift voucher, please see Keith’s kind post.

Keith - will we see you there?! :slight_smile:

yeah i’m in

What date and time is this then??? I am off on Wednesday afternoon but might not make it from work (Edmonton) in time to eat