City Lunch

For anyone wanting to start a weekly lunch in the City. I got told off for organising it too late, today. So, how about a show of hands.PLEASE SELECT AT LEAST ONE DAY AND ONE TIME OPTION.

Meeting could either be outside the Corney and Barrow in the Liverpool St complex, or, particularly if the weather isn’t great, at a Wagamamas or other institution that is central to the City.

Let’s make it a regular!

I’m keen for this… though only until August 8th which is when my office moves out to Heathrow Airport…which sounds horrific… the positive, is that although my commute is currently a 20min walk into the city, I’ll now get to ride my bike everyday which is something I don’t usually get to do!

ppg - Let me know when you’re next trying to get folk together and I’ll get myself down! :slight_smile:

would be good to see you :slight_smile: you get your tyre sorted!? :slight_smile:

well wouldnt this meet be a bit tight for time? i mean anyone coming from another part of the city might only have an hour. good idea but i`ll stick to eve and weekend meets.:slight_smile:

I was kinda angling it at those in the square mile ‘City’ i.e. walking distance from Bank/Liverpool st. Just because my usual lunch partners dont always want to chat bikes and I dont always get the chance to do evening and weekend stuff…

oh i see. well good luck anyway.:smiley:

would love too! but i dont get along enough break, i clock i and out so…it have to be after work coffee for me:D

I’d be up for it just need to work my rota on the occasional week so i can come:D

i d be up for this!

keep me informed!


Deffo up for this, though can’t do weds or fridays - usual team stuff :doze: Anytime is good, though clearly 12 is the soonest one can escape without guilt :smiley:

Hey Gabs, I could be up for this, I’m in Westminster but I reckon it’s only about 20mins to Liverpool St so could meet up for lunch every once in a while, sounds like fun, let me know what you organise and when/what time?!? :smiley:

Mondays arent ideal for me cause its the start of the week - so how about tuesdays at 12pm? Have people chosen Mondays cause they cant do anything else, or cause its the first one on the list?!First one next Tuesday 29th? Weather dependent… If we organise to meet at 12, then if it’s raining, Wagamamas at Tower 42 (Old Broad Street) is great to get into at that time. Plus I used to work next door and I might be able to arrange for bike parking there during the lunch hour cause the security guy knows me well and is a sweety.

Map for wagas:

Menu for wagas (PDF):

I happen to have a Wagamamas 2-4-1 voucher that lasts until 10th October and is electronic…a pizza express 2-4-1 electronic one that lasts until 4th August and some for La Tasca and GBK :hehe:

Does that sound like a plan?

certainly does. i expect to show my face then

mmmmmmmmmmmm GBK owns!!!

Im sorry, yankie type speaking person. What does one own!? :hehe:

i say well i`ll try and make it over one lunch time if you have vouchers…:smiley:

the more the merrier :w00t::cool:

one wishes he owned a classic burger with avacado…DUDE!:stuck_out_tongue:

well, if knew you woz gonna pull rank…

Will be at wagas at 12.