Circuit of Wales

Welsh MP wants the new proposed circuit of Wales circuit scrapped.
I would have thought that once built and up and running it would be a
good source of bringing money and investment into the area.

Have you missed the controversy here? It’s not really as simple as “Can we have a circuit?” “no”; there’s all sorts of questions being asked over how it’s to be financed and by who. And whether the Brecon Beacons is really the place for a motorsports complex.

I have not followed the debate hence why I made no comment as such.  I am only posting what I happened to stumble across.

yeah, no-one’s planning on making a circuit. they’re planning on bleeding as much as they can from the government and doing a runner. 

good on the MP for not wanting to put up with their shit anymore. 

So the fact through the80s and 90s it hosted the lombard rac/network q rally would say it is a suitable place

My understanding is that they are saying that they have x amount of capital promised, but only if the Welsh Assembly underwrites it.  i.e. that if it all goes tits up then the taxpayer will foot the bill or if there is a returns shortfall they will have some sort of tax break.

But due to Money Laundering and bribery laws they cannot get involved unless the project reveals who the backers are and where the money is coming from which they won’t do.

Therefore the circuit of wales will not happen.