Cineworld Canary Wharf

Going to Cineworld Canary Wharf tonight - not a part of the world I know well at all. What’s the rules for parking about there - and anywhere good for food? Coming on the bike from Slough so it’ll be a question of somewhere that I can get in without a reservation as goodness knows what the M4 will be like tonight!

There’s a multi-story right there - West India Quay car park. There’s also underground car park under Waitrose Canada Square end, not too sure how late its open. I dont use these myself so dont have more details.

Go to Cineworld o2, just up the road and it’s got the best screens :wink:

Sadly decision is out of my hands on that one, I’d much prefer to go to the O2 - much better choice of food and parking!

I thought bikes weren’t allowed in that multi-storey ?

I always just park in the main canary wharf parking and walk over the bridge. Costs 2 quid and you get a ground anchor on the 1st floor.