Hello everyone!My name is Raffaella and have moved to London recently!

I currently have a yamaha fz6n which is being upgraded to an fz1n (picking it up next saturday!!! yipppeeeee!!)!!
At the moment the bike is in Rome (where i used to live…) but thinking of maybe bringing it up to the UK sometime in the future + when I learn to ride 1000cc:w00t::w00t:!!

I am interested in seeing what the forum is like and meeting some of u guys, so if i do decide to bring my little one up here we can go out all together;)!

ciao ciao


Welcome to LB:D.You’ll have plenty of opportunities to go on rides with the people on this forum.Check out the Rides and Meets section.

hello and welcome to lb :slight_smile:

Welcome, pop down to a meet at some point, we’re a friendly bunch :slight_smile:

hi and welcome

just got a brand new fz1 myself.

come down to one of the meets we are a friendly lot here

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to the party :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB!

I’m a new guy around here, too. I was just looking at some of the other threads and was thinking about that early December get together. Hhhmmm, now if I can just talk my wife into it. I’ve been riding sport bikes for 12 years and just got an 07 Blade. I really love it! I’m relatively close to London (near High Wycombe). Happy Thanksgiving to all!

welcome! why not pop down to one of our meets sometime!

Hello…Welcome aboard!

Hello Raffaella , welcome to London and LB! Hope to see you at the meets soon!

welcome Raffaella


Hello and welcome to LB Mate

Hi and welcome.

A warm welcome my namesake :slight_smile: