Chunky Monkey

we never see him at meets so was wondering do people think he has a bike license, the only time we see him at meets is either in a car or on the dreaded public transport system ;):P:):w00t::w00t::w00t:;);):P:D:)

and a very high post count which could be seen a someone not doing much riding:D

Cruel… Very Cruel…:stuck_out_tongue:

I see him at the Herts pub meet but he never turns up on a bike.

You have a very short memory Ginger Old Son:)

You saw me on my bike at the end of last summer both at the Ace and BMM.

I was on me bike… You was riding your Oyster Card:D:D:D:D

JohnP… Remind me how you got to N.London meet the other week;)

Now I don’t think I have met Chunky monkey, but he seems to be getting some really bad press this weekend:) Why?


Because I’m not scared to admit I tuck my bike away in nasty weather, thats all Mo.:slight_smile:

Funny how the stirers don’t have the option of taking a car even if they wanted to:D

Also they are all too thick to answer any of my quizes;)

Put your money where your mouth is Ginger. You give £100 to LAA if i have got a Full Bike Licence or I will give £100 to LAA if I haven’t:)

Put up or shut up!:cool:

The last meet i went by car for the 1st time and that was because the wind was very strong.

haha put quite bluntly…

Cained :smiley:

In Chunks defence i dont blame him for not going out in the cold, wet, snowy, icy, windy weather, licence or not :wink:

I rode with Chunks last summer down to BMM,can’t forget the rolling thunder sound as we went down the A10 from the TL:D:D


I remember Chunks on his bike at BMM… regardless, even if he didn’t have a bike liscence, it’s bloomin’ nice having him round these quarters…so hush your taunts or there’ll be trouble…once the snow and ice stops… :P:D:w00t:

Crikey Mole! What’s this? Chunky lovin…


Thank you Moley, the cheque is in the post;) It’s nice having you about too.

Now Ginger has a black Bandit, you must resist the urge to sell it. I know it will now be looked upon as a comedy bike but I’m sure it will regain its street cred soon…lol;):smiley:

That’s what happens when you give somebody an indicator bulb from your car to save them riding home with dodgy indcators, you gain a friend for life ;):smiley: Not many people will know about that though :cool:

i do:D hows the gaffa tape holding out mole

I do too :smiley:

i kNoW hE haS A LIcEnSe He USeD iT fOR iD wHeN He tOok mE tO a HoTeL :slight_smile:

cOuLd nOT wAiT aRoUnD fOr GinGeR fOReVeR, a gIRl haS hER nEEds :smiley:

The less we know about your needs the better I think…