Chunky (ex HG Stockwell)

Oi Oi fella. Don’t know if you post/look on here mate but would be cool to catch up for a chat. You remember me (West Ham, Welling, say no more;-). If anyone on here knows Chunky (ex HG Stockwell) then please give him a nudge re: this post. I’ve got a mobile number that starts with 078 and ends with 01, if your still on that number reply “yes” to this post and I’ll bell you.

Err, am I missing something obvious here? :hehe:

lol, will try the number in the morning, just seeing if he was on here tonight.

haha I would have tried to text first but thats just me :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

No joy with the mobile number. Is Rich still a mod on here anyone know?