I was in Infinity @ Hanger Lane this afternoon with the lovely Kerry and Jonny, and they would like to invite you all to their Christmas Party, where there will be soft drinks, mulled wine (i am sure they said), traditional christmas nibbles and if you are really lucky they might put on the christmas CD :w00t:DATE: 24th December ( Christmas Eve )

TIME: 11am - 4pm

VENUE: Infinity @ Hanger Lane

(Just dont eat all the mince pies before i get there)

I was going to post this up also but have been a bit busy although you have done a much better job than I would have.

Anyway see you there.:stuck_out_tongue:

Will B be in attendance also ? :smiley:

Are they offering any seasonal discounts?

I will be there and hope they sell me a DECENT and true pair of winter gloves that are waterproof, as they promised the pair i bought last year was !!! Know its not their fault, but the gloves are shite…let me down a few times but today at the toy run, they let me down BIG time…they were more wet inside than outside !! freezing cold and having to put soaking wet gloves back on is no joke when youve got miles to go home!

are they goretex? you can buy waterproofing sprays from most Outdoor shops. also worth sticking some surgical gloves in your jacket (halfords ones are good) - just keeps your skin away from water at least

and carry spare gloves with you :slight_smile:

Pity I’m going to miss this one!

i’ll pop in to say hi!!:stuck_out_tongue: