Christmas Charity Calendar!

Right then guys we’re heading into the final days for you to get delivery before Christmas - we’re amazed at the response so far, but we can do better!

Go here

and buy a calendar now for you and your friends!

Whilst you’re there you may want to pick up an LB mug… how cool is this!?

US holidays marked?

Thought this was a london, UK site!

Yes… unfortunately we didn’t have the time for UK printing - Cafe Press are the only people who offer this service at the moment - next year we’ll get a UK printer to run them off much sooner… but it’s better to have one live and raise some money for charity than simply not do it because it has american holidays on it!


could I just have a calendar with April and july on it please? I’ll pen then dates in myself!

lol - very good :slight_smile:


bugger - are you using IE7? A couple of people have raised this as an issue and I’ve logged it as a bug with cafe press… give firefox a go and let me know.