Christian Bale - right to rant or in need of a good shoeing?

BBC aired an unedited version of this by mistake this morning. Clearly upset and fed-up at the actions of a person on the set of his latest film.

Thing is that being said if you were the target of his anger would you sit there and take it like the bloke does or take steps to put a stop to it…It’s asy to have a go about this though but we don’t know the full story here…

The bleeped version is on this page:

The long and full on version is here (NOT WORK SAFE) :

What a nice chap…lol:w00t:

I think every single one of us have had a right good rant before … well all apart from me as I’m an angel !!

As we don’t know what happened before it or to cause it I’ll reserve my judgement on whether it was justified or a tantrum !!

He’s an aaaartiiist :slight_smile: I forgive him, after-all, he’s an american psycho, a caped crusader and soon to be terminator terminator.


But he’s British (isn’it boyo!).
What’s with the accent (which slips soooo often)?
Perhaps it’s a spoof.

Never heard of him before :slight_smile: Sounds like a bore.

He does sound like an arse*ole in the clip - and in any other circumstances would have deserved a smack in the chops for an aggressive outburst like that - but to be fair to him, the lighting bloke broke the cardinal rule on any film set by fiddling about with lighting kit while the actors were filming a scene - when the actor is concentrating on delivering his performance he shouldn’t have to deal with people facking about in his line of sight.

By rights the director should have done the shouting - as he is in overall command of the set. The director either wasn’t aware of the situation or wasn’t doing his job - which is to enforce discipline on set.

Who ???:smiley:

I did hear the full rant and had a good chuckle over it, set against the context of world problems it is a bit pathetic but we all (well me anyway) can lose the plot over trivia from time to time so its just bad luck he got recorded I suppose!


I love it!!!

It has brought me to the attention of this Youtube video, Quality!

I would hate to have my life on tape, I’m sure we have all been **** in our life! :wink:

What’s the big deal, he was complaining at a dude who kept putting him off. He didn’t really get that personal, just expressed how these actions were irritating him.

Maybe if he had started on the guy’s appearance or his family or how he was going to ruin his life or something, then yeah over-reaction. Not backing down might get a bit of fisticuffs for sure. I’ve heard far worse coming out of cars.

Valentino Rossi would probably throw a wobbly as well if his mechanic pulled alongside him at 180 mph on the Misano straight and started adjusting his callipers. :w00t::smiley:

hahaha quality!!!

he had a point, but there was no need to go on about it for 4 mins

Reminds me of Russell Crowe when they asked him to cut short the poem he wanted to read :smiley:

Probably just a tense situation and Bale used this opportunity to let off steam. Filming normally involves very long daily schedules so everyone was probably very tired and stressed out, esp Bale. They are probably best of mates now. Probably.

does this link work?

he sounds like a nobber, but is a good actor

and now he has to say “sorry” coz of the media