Christ its another newbie

Bar’s open. What ya all avin?Don’t be tricked by my site name. Sold the hornet about 6 weeks ago, now proud owner of a GSXR600k7 (blue and white naturally). Just need to work out how to change my name on here…

Will post a pic in members bikes shortly. Also, have brand new standard 15/42 front and rear sprockets for the hornet, not longer needed. £10 only, Bargain! Will post again on parts section.

Right, busy first post. You lot seem a lot friendlier than other sites. Hope to get to know you!

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome aboard :wink:


You can change your user name in your control panel. when you open this click on registration details and then save the changes…


Welcome aboard mate;)


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome:)

velcome to LB, they dont bite round here, much


Your a friendly lot.

I think I will like it here. :slight_smile:

On the whole we are mate.

Just watch out for Ginger as he might try and hump your leg:D:D:D

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Welcome, enjoy. :smiley:

welcome :slight_smile:

Vodka and redbull mate, make it a double… oh and hi btw :wink: