Chris Walker - How Far Over?!

Any further and he’d be laying on the track. It’s insane to think he’s not crashing here! Click for full-size…

Well over, but he still didn’t get on the podium. Its a great shot though.

reminds me of me lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Very close, shame no cigar! I was rooting for him at the end. I don’t normally as I’ve given up any hope of him getting results, but Cal on the other hand…

“The Stalker”?.. more like "The nearly man"He always seems to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory:doze:

Has he got a seat for next year yet?

Love the picture… Almost as low as Jamie Robinson used to get on GP250’s:cool:

That guy had Elbow Sliders:P



Now that is what i call low.

not as low as the fuel prices at esso…

sorry thats bad i couldn’t resist

yes yes yes that’s all very well and good on someone else’s bike, but here’s Youngy doing it on his own bike.

thats an awsome pic

How about Nitro Nori…

One day… :crying:

that pic of nori reminds me of me on my R1 at the ring just before i hit the oil patch.then i went much lower than all of them :smiley:

Bet that took some T-Cutting:crying: