Chris from Ealing

Hey folks,

Chris from Ealing joined your merry band today. Looking forwards to meeting some of you at the Ace at the earliest opportunity.

Did the DAS test three years ago, rode a red SV650S for the first 18 months and now riding an '07 CBR600rr. Did the test to make my commute easier but now, after changing job, I just ride for pleasure. Do some track days (badly!) and also working my way through the California Superbike School training with Andy Ibbott (which has been excellent so far and should get me out of the beginners group into the nutcases one in no time - lord help me…).

Did the Ace reunion rideout to Brighton last summer with some work mates but most of them are so lazy getting a regular ride with them is nearly impossible…


Hi there and welcome:D

welcome to lb

welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi to you from Ealing!

hello and welcome

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

hi and welcome

Hi and welcome to LB. 07 CBR600RR is one helluva nice ride!

Hiya & welcome :smiley: