Chris D's bike has been stolen!

So so sorry to hear about your bike Chris like every one here i’ll keep am eye open and if there is anyting i can do let me know Mate

Bloody hell… sorry to hear about your bike theift chris, makes me think twice about leaving my bike anywhere, Bring back the birch for these sad theiving little…Ummmmmm can’t think of a word strong enough to describe these low life f-ck pig mother Fu-kers… I’ll take the job with pleasure… get them in the stocks on the town square then whip the sh1t out of um, very satisfying…

So sorry to hear bout this Chris, anything i can do u let me know

sh*t luck mate - gutted for you

will defo keep an eye out for it

Hi Chris,

I am so sorry that your bike has been nicked.

I advise you to keep an eye out every evening this week in the Chelsea area.

My bike was nicked the Sunday before last (from Fulham) and two guys have been waving knives at women in Chelsea several times last week for cash before it was crashed.

It could be different people altogether but it is around the same area so it may be something for you to go by.

I really hope you get it back.

Angela, have you got your bike back??? Fill us in!!

Thanks for everyones support. This is the first time I’ve been on here since the bike went walkies. I’m trying to get over it, not easy, but sooner the better. I think I must lok a bit rough cos I was walking around and some bloke came up to me and said “do you know Jesus?” I resisted the temptation to reply “yeah tall bloke, long hair , beard n’ that”

Would you beleive some bloke rang me up on Monday offering me work, and I need the bike to do the job, and the bike went on Sunday!!! Effin’ typical.

Yeah the bike was insured for theft so I’ll need to chase them up now I’ve got a crime number, hopefully they’ll pay up quick, can wave byebye to the no-claims bonus though.

This is apparently one of the worst areas for bike theft in the country, I don’t expect to see it again. I’m still a bit puzzled though as to why professional bike theives would want to nick a 5 year old bike???

Are they getting desperate or what.

Hope they get caught soon and spend many long years in a nice scummy jail where they belong.

No Jay, the bike is in for forensics with the police but i understand from the reported damage that it’s a write off.

Chris, for the same reason they nicked my 8 year old CBR- for a get away vehicle for robbing people on the street of their jewellery. A newer bike may attract too much attention. They haven’t got your bike to break up and sell for parts.

Hey Chris,

Hope your feeling better today. Chin-up mate!

GBC - for parts.


Yeah your probably right there, but I wouldnt have thopught that sort would be so well organised, mind you they probably stole the van aswell!

Cheers Snap.

Hey mate,

Hope the walk helped.

Angela, I hope something comes of the forensic analysis, I bet you’re doubly-upset now that you know its fate! When I had an old 750 stolen, I heard nothing, it just went. I still miss that bike at times.

Chris, we’re all gutted for you fella. I hope you don’t plan on keeping the replacement bike on the roads, you just can’t do that mate, they always get seen, and go missing! Please find somewhere out of sight to keep the new bike! Let us know how it goes, we’re right behind you.

Hi Angela… When and how did the Police find your bike? Time to move on and get another one to love…

I didn’t see this post until now…away from the office yesterday. I know that it is a bit late, but wanted to say that I am so, so sorry to hear the news . Fingers crossed that the insurance process is quick and painless…need to get you out on the road again!