Chris D's bike has been stolen!

Last night about 3am from the West Kensington area Reg no: X264 AWG. Blue R6.

He couldn’t post himself as his computer is working well so I have done it on his behalf. Gutted I am so Gutted

Sorry for your loss mate anything I can do let me know.

WTF! This is getting crazy, sorry to hear that your R6 has been stolen Chris. Hope the police get onto it ASAP! What has this god damn world come to, we can never have anything without someone f**king it up or stealing it! If you need anything Chris mate give us a shout…


Damn! Sorry to hear about the bike Chris. I really hope you get it back.

I agree with you damian, you can’t have anything these days without someone wanting to steal it

Jay can you make this one a sticky please?

Sorry to here abou this chris

This makes me so bloody mad

There are to many thieving little c*&*s about hope they catch them and cut there hands off.

Could you place some pics and a full description of this bike for us mate? I think now that we are getting more members and being regulars in the forums we will start to find out the sad reality it’s out there… Not sure if its just ‘starting’ to happen or if it has been there ‘always’ , we just have never exchanged so much info this quick…

Will fit an extra lock on my baby…

Jesus Christ, there’s a bloody bike-theft epedemic going on in London right now, I can’t believe this is not given a higher priority by the Police! To Chris; I’m so sorry for you fella, I bet this is the last thing you need. I feel for you, I really do, I’ve had a bike stolen before, last year infact

Yellow, thanks for posting this up, I’ve made it sticky as well. Do you know the details of the theft, anything that could give us some leads, or clues? Was the bike insured against theft? If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.

sorry news to come home to.

good luck and if you need anything, PM me.

Argh! Christ, sorry to hear that Chris - hope you get lucky and the bike turns up ok

Sorry 2 hear that Chris.

It hurts to hear that some little git has got your pride and joy.

I just hope it gets recovered.

Not another! … I can’t believe the sheer amount of bikes being stolen atm. Chris, I hope you get your bike back in good order. I’ll keep my eyes open!

Sorry to hear Chris Awful news. Like said, if u need anything just ask.

Chris… I’m so sorry to hear about your R6… My heart sank when Jay told me… Can’t believe it’s happened to someone else I know… Makes me really angry that the Police can’t do much about it… If there is anything we can do, just let us know…

Just been speaking to the man himself, and he’s shattered. That 'ped was his life and not only that, his connection to us and this forum. So that’s just sh1t.

Seems that a group of blokes (big and non-white was the only description given) first broke the lock, and then shortly after a van turned up and had off with it. I don’t know about the alarm, or indeed whether it had one (can’t remember) and was tied to the lampost outside his pad.

The neighbour across the street couldn’t sleep (coincidentally?) and so witnessed the whole thing. Then went across and got Chris out of bed to tell him. So only about 15mins to late to be of any use . He’d get a punch in the head from me, talk about sitting back and doing nothing. Not even a call to the cops.

So now Chris is trying to fight the wave of indifference exuded by the police (too late to do anything) and insurance companies (they’re all a bunch of ******s IMHO), who are doubtless all too familiar with this story to be particularly caring about someone’s bike.

He sums up why the comments from the post about last Friday’s events that ran along the “it’s only a lump of metal and rubber, let them take it” ring hollow for me.

Sorry to hear this Chris
Last time my bike got nicked I destroyed my kitchen wiv moto x boots. Very sensible! NOT!
Keep an eye on Fleabay mate

Truly sickening this is especially the neighbour watching it all happen and not doing a thing!

Spoke to him earlier. He is so down. Poor fella. Here’s a pic of him bike if anyone see’s it

Sorry to hear of your loss fella my thoughts are with you

And to add to Snap’s post… He doesn’t have the Micron can, Its a Scorpion on there now! (I assume as per last time I saw him, which was Friday)


Sorry to hear about it, Chris! Hope it’ll be recovered soon, or at least the insurance company will sort something out soon.

Can’t believe the neighbour did nothing but watch! Probably couldn’t even be bothered to take down the licence plate of the van.