Cholesterol Special (Sunday 26th Breakfast Run)

A bit early for me to confirm, plus both bikes in major need of a spanner. But if I can get my schitt together, is anyone interested?

What time, where from to etc ?

Usual place being Collier Row in Romford. Leave 7am-8am.

If you’re into blasting along at 300mph on the 3laners, this ride aint for you. If you like the challenge of roads that have plenty of technical sections that will make you work for it, then I can guarantee a very good ride…as long as we all stay on our bikes.

Sneaky, if you sort one or both of your bikes, I’m confident I can get there for 8am


Cant make this sunday pal as am in leeds.

We will one day get to ride together again!

Mmmmm sounds interesting yet again

is this one still happening ?

Yep! Even if its wet apparently

I have just got in from my m8’s house (its 2am). I have to leave at 7.30am today. I still have to put the fairing on the Ducati and sort the throttle cabble!

Must get that “cabble” sorted one way or other … Im thinking bout joining u guys on this one, is Drei up for it again?..

Bl00dy hell, I keep missing these!!!

Well you aint making enough effort boy! I was out there laying on the damp concrete this morn at about 6am getting my sh1t sorted. Took the Ducati to Hatton Garden today, then to Finchley. I put new plugs in it whilst the fairing was off, I’ve been cleaning all the electrical connectors to try and cure the flat spot. Seems much better…

U gonna join us Blade? I txt Drei t’other day cause I aint heard from him, as you’ll prolly know he still alive. I’ll call’im tomo. He got the forms from that advanced group, I think he’s had’em ages. Will you twist his arm and getting him to send’em off?

So is am at the rounderbout a date then?

Yep, its on! From Romford the-long-a$$ way through the countryside to Finchingfield (…prolly).

8am start. Pls be fuelled up

Meet at the rounderbout outside City Limits in Collier Row.


Sorry if the site downtime hampered the organisation Sneaky…

Am there - green zx7r

Y’all did get me worried for a moment there :blink: But as usual, y’all had it covered! :cool:

The new site is well worth the wait. Going from strength to strength too! :wink:

Blade,you missed a good’un girl!

Killer, did you get back ok?

What a great day out!Thoroughly enjoyed this one - great roads, great guys!

Thanks Sneaky - deffo do again - I hope that John 950SM will drag my cornering forward. Had fun coming back with him - he is a bit quick!:smiley:

Safe n Sound - hope John GSXR got back ok, and gets his tyre sorted in time for next one.

Glad to have you along. Good you got back safely.

Yes he is very talented! Too quick for me tho. Too quick for the road in my book too. I need more “margin for error” If I had his skill then I might see it differently :wink:

Yeah, I saw him all the way home. As I said, no one gets left behind on the Breakfast Run :)The clutch is totally mullered on my old Ducati now. I wasn’t even sure I’d make it back from John’s in Ilford, back to mine in Chadwell Heath!:crying:I’ve not heard from Simon on the Silver Ducati tho? :ermm:

Just heard from Simon on the silver Ducati, he fine! :cool:

are you planning anything next sunday?

broady told me i would love sunday breakfast ride:wow:
i wanna have a go:D

sorry to miss last sunday…