Chocking like is low on gas...

Hi guys,
Got this amazing virago 535s this summer (1997) riding it since and it was fine. now in uk temperature dropped and bike behaves funny.

This morning while riding to work it was making weird noise and ride wasn’t smooth - it was choking like it was low on gas (you know the feeling?) and pulling in a weird way almost like it will go dead any minute / no need to say that l have full tank since yesterday.

Just thinking what might be the cause?

l will take it to service station next week but wondering if l should rush with it or not

anyone has same experience?

Something to do with the choke (does it have one)?

Yep me I had the exact same thing

with my old kwak gpz 500. in this weather what I used to do is have to heat it up before a ride.

I’d go down 10-15 mins before I needed set off warned it all up, then went back in. Was 100% always fine after that…

With the choke it could water on the carbs (I think that was the issue) heating it up evaporated the water…

Try it, I’m confident it will work

Yup it does have one l am using it to warm it up in a morning but then its off after 5-10min

l though the same - that it needed just to warm up like always but it was funky after 20min of ride still… that got me thinking its odd

yer try warming it all about 10-15 before setting off the heat from the engineer will then clear out any residue which might be causing the problem.

ok will give it a go tomorrow morning a bit longer on choke maybe

I cannot remember the temp gauge, but think I let it get to about 30-35 on the gauge closed the choke switched it off went inside.

Came back out fired her up and she went absolutely fine… You can get an additive for your petrol, but unless you get the quantity bang on it was not very effective but warming it up beforehand worked every single time without fail…

Maybe just running on one cylinder? I had the 750 version for ten years and regularly had issues of one cylinder failing to run, sometimes the problem was electrical, sometimes fuel/carb related. Bike liked to be used daily, leave it for a week or more and I always had problems getting it started.

how did you get on with this PaulaDe?