Chipped painwork

Right, im insainly pissed off because ive just dropped my keys and they have a karabiener on them which hit my tank and chipped the paint.
Its about the size of a grain of rice (small i know) but none the less i am still pissed off and its the only scratch on my bike at all and i treasure my bike like its made from gold dust!

Does anyone know how i can sort this out?
A) do it doesnt bug me
B) So it doesnt look shabby
C) So it doesnt rust when we get back in to winter.

Painting it would probably be the easiest solution but where the heck am i going to get lime green paint?

Depends how deep the chip is. If it’s very deep then only thing I recommend is a sticker of some sort.

make sure it’s dry then fill it up with nail varnish for protection. then when you have time get a kawasaki lime green touch up pen.

Option D) New bike! :smiley:

There are a lot of companies out there doing (mobile) repairs to stone chips and the like on cars.

A friend had that well known fuel tank scrape, from parking in a central London bike bay, repaired by one of those companies and a very nice job they did too.

(He can’t remember the company as he just phoned the number of a sign written van he’d seen floating around the Epping area. He can’t remember how much either but thinks it was under £20.)

Loonymoon can recommend a mobile operator.

Yeah, my bunch of keys for work, home, security fobs,etc are huge and I keep them on a carabiner but I always detach my bike key which has a rubber keyring on it from the bunch before I go near the bike by the time I’ve reached it the rest of the keys are in my pocket. Like you I’m anal about my bike.


nothing wrong with a bit of anal



Ive found a website but they charge £8x3 for items i need to touch it up which really dont feel the need to spend.
Its quite deep, i like the idea of the nail varnish.

Ill keep looking round, maybe go to my dealer see what they suggest.
Thanks Guys.

Where is it? Would stomp grips cover it?

chips away