Chinese Scooters

My other half is looking into the world of two wheels to make commuting to & parking at Uni & Work easier and cheaper.

Shes looked at a few different types, and she needs a 125cc, but is having trouble finding one with a low enough seat height as she is only around 5’

She has seen a model that isn’t too much of a stretch for her and is cheap, but the problem is its a Chinese import (Baotian 125T-2) and we are unsure how good they are as Chinese goods sometimes get a reputation for being dangerous and unreliable.:

Anyone have any experience of such scooters/bikes and if the reputation of China is as bad as you sometimes hear?

Do not touch chinkycrap scooters, they are not reliable and if you want any spares for them you`ll have trouble getting them.

Stick to a well know maufacture ie:- Piaggio, Honda, Suzuki ect…

You may paya bit more for them but you`ll have no problems with them.

Some Chinese scooters are fine, with good back-up from dealers. Keeway for one.

If you spot one you like, FFS check whether it is an ‘OK’ Chinese one or a dud load of white metal…

I’ve heard some horror stories although they were in MCN I still think they’re true. Cheap alloy in the frame, doggy electrics. The resale on them will be next to nothing you’re much better off getting a second hand vespa ET or LX. The Chinese scoots are really cheap but if anything goes wrong the hassle wont be worth it.

I’d go with a second hand ET4 if I were you. Much better build quality and you will also have better chance of getting it serviced. Some Chinese scooters need you to basically rebuild them from the ground up to make sure they don’t fall apart. Not worth the chance.

Look at it this way, would you ride a bike that might fall apart on you? Spent the money on a decent runabout.

don’t bother mate had a boatian and spent most of the time fixing it…

and waiting for it to warm up even in the sun

A lot of Piaggios have adjustable seats so make sure it is on the lowest setting before writing anything off.

Also, with the more popular makes like Piaggio/Vespa there is a good chance someome makes lower seats, or will have experieince modifying seats.

Is that a fact John?;):smiley: