China's new 245 mph trains

Now, as a European, this should give one serious food for though:

Germany? We debate the for and against for 10 years before deciding we won’t build the new Hamburg-Berlin link because it would encroach on the nesting ground of the rare wotsitbird.

Britain? Gone to sh…te since privatization, now a much worse rail system than continental Europe… how long does it take to go to Glasgow?

America? Don’t make me laugh… what rail system…

Whereas, the Chinese, just shut up and get on with it and get things built!

Gotta tip your hat to them really. Also note the train stations are gorgeous… a long shot from King’s Cross St. Pancras :smiley:

That’s impressive! Do you know what pisses me off though, how this government comes up with a whole bucket of crap when talking about future rail plans that are CURRENTLY obsolete, let alone when they’re actually here in 2025…

“400kph trains don’t exist…”… No, of course they don’t, France only holds the record for 574kph currently!? Do they really think we’re that stupid we’ll believe their uninformed lies???

So, 15 years to build an obsolete train system… Right. And the Chinese have built theirs in four years and it goes a LOT further and a lot faster. This country is a joke when it comes to doing anything industry-leading! We used to be an engineering power-house, a world power. Now we’re reduced to a world-joke and on top of that our politicians think they can get away with lying to us.

The French run trains at 186mph every day. In the UK Virgin’s Penderlinos can only do 120, they are designed to do 140 but the infrastructure isn’t good enough for them. It’s all a bit pants really.

@Jay… from your BBC article:

The chinese will **complete ** another 11,000km of high speed track by 2012. :w00t:

We gave up engineering for finance a long time ago, but it’s a huge shame I think. The bankers got us into recession and we’re still laughable when it comes to building things! What a joke! What they want to do is go for broke and build a trans-atlantic vacuum train tunnel link. mag-lev trains in a vacuum tunnel… No friction, insane speeds, like supersonic.

a 90-mile return journey on those high speed trains between beijing and tianjin, costs less than a return rail journey between greenwich and Charing cross:D

Even those new “bullet trains” being introduced by Southeastern go way slower than fast trains on the continent do since the 1980s. It’s a bit a joke.

Part of the problem is that the existing tracks in the UK are a lot narrower than the system used on the continent, so even “normal” trains can only go a lot slower. So there has to be a lot of investment to turn this around.

I think the main problem is that it’s part of the British culture to want to innovate, but I think on this subject they’re so much behind that re-inventing the wheel isn’t any good. Do like the Japanese used to and the Chinese do now, copy the best that’s out there, and innovate from that point on-wards. There should be no shame in copying something that works.

Impressive…The new St pancras is ment to be great, anyone been? If brason cant sort the trains i dont hold out much hope…

It does seem like we’ve ‘run out’ of people who get stuff done in our beloved country dont you think?

Im hoping the olympics will show us some great stuff…

in Chinese BBS people mainly debate about how much the technology of those high speed train are actually Chinese-owned. Chinese authority claims they are completely chinese owned technologies. but some dispute that, saying the core technology is owned by Simens. And the majority poor are against to replace the slower and cheaper trains with those high speed trains, saying the poor do not really need to get from point A to point B in less time, it is the time they have plenty of, what they lack is money:D