Childrens bike clothes

I need to know where i can buy a pair of water proof over trousers for my daughter who`s 8 years old.

Try J&S in greenwich, was down there today and noticed some childrens kit for sale .

Camping shop/fishing shop

decathlon :wink:

Decathalon is good :smiley: i got mesef a pair and my daughter(11 at the time)if you can’t find any small pairs just buy the nearest you can -bigger obviously-and i can adjust them to fit for you:)

The nearest Decathlon shop is in Surrey Quays Road which is a bit far, anything in North London or Herts.

Have you tried eBay

I would buy off Ebay but my kid needs to try them on first.

try J&S watford then

I`ll take her to J&S this weekend.

I went to J&S but had nothing, is there a website anyone knows as it`s getting desperate now.

Tucano Urbano does a dedicated kids range of clothing have a look at the website and then contact your closest dealer

try millets