Child seat for pillion?

Hi folks,

Some time ago I saw a listing from the continent on Ebay for a child seat that you could secure onto the pillion seat - are these legal in UK?

I got 2 young daughters (16 months and 5 years old) that need to get to school and the childminders every morning and it takes a good while by walking and by bus. Then I have to go home again to pick up my bike to get to work. Other than getting a sidecar (could be fun but impracticle in London traffic!) one of these seats could be the best options.

Has anyone heard of them/tried them?

Enjoy the bus lanes and safe riding,


Hello and welcome:)

IIRC there is a legal requirement that a pillion should be able to reach the footrests. inless these seats come with their own rests I doubt they are legal here.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen one however.

like Chunky said the legal requirement is that the pillion needs to be able to reach the foot rests,

I have seen a couple of time a parent (dad?) carrying his son on the outside of his BMW C1!!! :w00t: and dont think there are footrests there!?

perhaps the question is will you get a ticket for carrying your kids as pillion? :Whistling:

the other option is to raise the footrests in some way? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would the child seat secure a kid onto the bike with straps, etc?

Can’t think of anything more dangerous…

Legal limit is touching footpegs.

I cant believe anyone would want to put an 16month old baby on the back of a bike seat or not :w00

I can imagine why you may be concerned… I’m looking for information at this point, and then I will assess all my options!

Can I have extra pepperoni?

Can you get a lid for a 16 month old baby?? My 17 month old daughter goes nuts when I put her winter hat on, let alone a lid!

I know what you mean… if you put hats (or gloves) on 'em at that age, they come straight off. However, she loves putting cardboard boxes on her head!

It would be tricky getting a lid that size though…

get one of the mini replicas 1:2 scale

:w00t: :smiley:

We might have to convert to Sikhism… but do girls wear turbans as well?

I know a few that haven’t shaved for years!

These guys in Leamington Spa specialise in kids stuff:

Independent shop, like a little Aladdin’s Cave. No connection, other than I’ve browsed round there a bit while visiting a mate.

Nice one! I think those 49/50cm helmets might do the trick for our 5 year old.

I knew it exists! I found a German company that does 'em:

aaah… the ingenuity of Greeks when trying to bend the law :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:



And judging by the majority of pics on their site, one of these seats negates the need for any protection for the child other than a crash helmet!!:w00t:

Mate - it’s obviously none of my business if you decide to carry your kids on your bike or not - but believe me - it’s too dangerous - I was riding at very low speed a couple of months ago and a woman did a right turn straight into me in broad daylight - my right leg took the full impact - resulting in a compound fracture of fib and tib - the shattered tib was poking out of the side of my leg and I’m still in pain - if there had been a child on the back and the car had hit the kids leg - they would have probably have lost the leg or at the very least been maimed for life. We are all grown ups and know the risks and take the sh1t when it lands on us - but kids and motorbikes (on the road) shouldn’t mix mate. :wink: :slight_smile:

Scary thread :ermm:

If you really feel that you want to put kids that young on the back of your bike, do it, but thats just plain stupid in my opinion. A child isnt like an adult, and would be a lot more vulnerable in the event of a crash etc. :cool: