Child On Board

Since nearly having a run-in this evening with a Rav 4, I have a new pet hate…

Child on board signs… especially the really big ones that obscure the drivers rear window… Love em. Please can we have more of them, just so I can have an even more exciting journey home at night.

Rant over.

Carry on.


We have a child on board sign on our car. With our 10 year old son in the back seat we try to alert other road users that he’s in there and we wouldn’t appreciate them driving into the back of us and possibly causing him any harm. I know it’s a niggle but we are trying to safeguard our only son. Sorry if it offends. I hope you don’t see our car on the road, you might get too excited and post a thread about us getting on your nerves.

Of course, if you’re talking about somebody’s driving then that’s a different matter :smiley:

I’ve got a rock that keeps tigers away.

Could it be retuned for mormons ??

that must work, havent seen any tigers chasing you :smiley:

i want to get a sticker for my bike that says ‘i must get home asap my dog needs walkies’. wonder if it’ll work.

I saw one that read “I am speeding because I need a poo” will that do? Link

Frequently when these signs are displayed the driving would be better done by the Child!

I have to be honest, of all of these signs I’ve seen, I don’t think it’s ever adjusted my driving. Am I the only one? I tend to generally try not to drive into people anyway…

Out of interest, do you take it down when he’s not on board?


I don’t advertise kids onboard as it might cause me to be followed by unsavory people like BBC presenters :unsure:

We have a Rav4 with a “Think Bike Think Biker” sticker. Is that OK?:ermm:

I think the original idea behind the “child on board” signs is to alert the emergency services in case the car rolls etc.
I think the ones to watch are the God squad. Jesus saves etc :ermm:

I have a four and seven year old, so I understand where your coming from.

However, an A4 size poster that blocks the rear wind is not on. Especially when she nearly took me off the biker following an emergency lane change. :w00t:

God squad are the biggest menace - especially those who think god will save them. No he won’t, driving sensibly might…

‘i believe in an afterlife’ is probably one of the least reassuring things you can know about someone driving a car.

I always thought baby on board signs were to let you know the driver is distracted and exhausted so you should give them a wide berth. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll tell you the ones that do worry me are drivers with horse shoes stuck on the front of their vehicle… Honestly, anybody who needs that much luck driving on the highway needs de-licensing.

It’s the eyelashes on headlights that annoy me, ever since one became detached from the car in front whilst travelling at speed on the M25 a couple of months ago, flew straight into my face and I thought I was being attacked by a giant spider.


weirdly agree with this… when you have a newborn I can understand the trepidation and nerves… but Child on Board suggests you are distracted as a driver… anyone who puts one of these signs up should automatically be pulled over… its like putting a sign up saying my mobile is distracting me, I’m not paying attention… and what, am I supposed to adjust MY driving because you are stupidly incapable of concentrating or what/

LOL! :laugh:

We try to avoid crashing into the back of all cars, bikes, lorries and even cyclists.

Confronted with a “May contain babies” sign, does anyone suppose our natural allergic reaction will kick in fast enough to avoid contact “in extremis”?

Should anyone find Jetstream embedded in a people carrier with baby/ child on board please advise the paramedics we have left our Epi-pens at home and ask them to administer vast doses of adrenaline.:crazy:

Ha ! :smiley:

Don’t see the point meself.

Best sign would be