Chicago Newbie, London in March

Hey Guys,

Just posting up to say hi, I’m originally from Chicago … going to University of Iowa.

I will be popping over to the UK to ride, and drink with a few buddies in London in March. Figured I’d post up here for fun.

Also if any of ya end up coming over to the States for a bit, lemme know if you got any questions about riding over here or track days or anything.

Now for the obligatory pictures of my bike:

hi and welcome to LB. nice bikes :slight_smile:

Welcomes …

Another JR, Trumpetier too :hehe:

Welcome to LB. When you come over in March, bring an umbrella :hehe:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile: Ive got family in Chicago :slight_smile: Dont ask me where ive never been, just stuck to the east coast NJ/NY :slight_smile:

So you joined then, good times :slight_smile:

hopefully i sort ninja for ya by then if not you always got daz’s 125 :stuck_out_tongue:

hello fellow Chicagoan and American :smiley: where abouts are you from Chicago? i am from Lincoln Square but grew up in Uptown close to Marine Drive and Lakeshore Drive. lived everywhere from Bucktown, Ukrainian Village, Lincoln Park, Gay town (Halsted and Broadway), 2 blocks from WRigley Field, and some random places :stuck_out_tongue: went to UIC and spent $$$$ for my education (wishing i NEVER did) and after moved to sunny awesome 350 days of blueskies Southern California and never went back :slight_smile: yeah got annoyed with the extremely cold biting winter weather :w00t: i do go back quite often as all my family lives there but not going to move back there i don’t think :wink:

how did you find Londonbikers? since Illinois doesn’t have a helmet law, would you be okay wearing one here? :smiley: i recommend that you do as it can get quite mental here esp filtering (splitting lanes) and yeah being on the “wrong” side of the road :stuck_out_tongue: do you plan to rent a bike? it’s very strict over here…so watch your speed, cameras everywhere! :slight_smile:

well see you around then? and have a safe trip here it’s rainy and freaking cold though not as cold as Chicago! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: are you prepare to ride in the rain? :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB:D

welcome. Lush bikes dude :cool:

Welcome to LB:D:D

Have visited Chicago - great city - went all over China town, the Vietnamese Quarter, got the bus down to the south side to the Vietnam War Museum - where some random and interesting ex war veteran was dancing the salsa in the lobby and said ‘it’s just like marching, except it’s dancing’ , caught the subway from the north to the south of the city, ate fantastic food - oh and went shopping in the centre:D

It was a great city - the people were very friendly and helpful towards a lost lone lady randomly trying to find her way about. However, I found it rather cold and windy - visited it in March.

It was actually not dissimilar to the UK in March :smiley:

Great you have a Triumph also.

And welcome to London!

welcome :slight_smile: