Chevrolet Lacetti 2007 hatchback 63k

2007 Chevrolet Lacetti 5 door hatchback in silver.

1.6l engine, cheap to insure, needs two tyres and will need some discs and pads before long.
More details, photos and history if interested. Basically a decent runabout, was my Mum’s. Decided against keeping it, on gumtree fo £999 so welcome to offers from LB’ers


Just say its the one from topgear




Sold elsewhere to a very happy chappy. Classic, he actually kicked a tyre, checked the indicators, window washer and lifted the bonnet and nodded. Exemplary checks there mate

but did he rub his chin before the haggle ?

He didn’t even haggle, amateur.

He didn't even haggle, amateur. yourebarred

the fun has gone out of selling second hand cars now days

That or you priced it too cheap :wink:

£650, think that’s about right

Sounds like  a mighty fine bloke to do business with - didn’t you ask him if he wanted a torque wrench?  or anything else?   Tell him LB will put him on a mailing list :slight_smile: