Chemical stripping In london?

I’m bored of looking online now as its not really giving me clear results.

I’ve got a set of wheels I don’t want sand blasted as that’s too abrasive so I’m looking into aqua blasting or chemical stripping to remove powder coat.

Any ideas?

Not used him yet myself, but heard good things about this guy who’s located in Penge:

ask on chromw platers, i am sure they dip products, use to be 1 round back of ilderton rd, dulwich plating me missus use to work there so had a few bits stripped, petrol tank including.

Cheers I’ve been passed his way by cabbie who used him and will go see him tomorrow if all goes to plan.

I know one in slough. Very good, did my blade frame.

Nice one but abit far for me ima try the penge one as I can get there after work

Praise thread on its way for Icm in penge