Chelsea Bridge

Have heard lots but know nothing. What’s the score vis-à-vis CB (that rhymes)? When, where (CB obviously) and when?

Chelsea bridge is visited on a Friday night - usually from about 8 onwards. Most people seem to rendezvous on the south side where there is a garage and roundabout. The Ninja forum gathers there every friday before they run out somewhere afterwards.

The Chelsea Bridge bike meet is a very long-established event Mini-Mo! Every Friday from 8pm onwards (until the wee hours) people meet up on the south side of the bridge to be entertained and mingle with like-minded folks. On a good day there can be a few hundred bikes down there, all parked up on the pavements. There’s a burger-van selling food & drink, people doing stunts all up and down the road/bridge, and more tricked-up bikes than you can shake a stick at.

Definately get down there at some stage to check it out! Normally what we would do is start off at the Ace-Cafe, then head down to Chelsea Bridge for about 10-11pm, then move on to Soho (aka Frith St, or Bar Italia) after an hour or two. It’s a great night out!