Chelsea bridge

few years back we used to meet up here and there was always loads of bikes,

does this still go on?

When the new blocks of luxury flats were built it pretty much stopped all that, CCTV and high police presence made sure of it :frowning: Been pretty much dead for about 7/8 years now…

Other places to meet now…

Where’d they move onto then? I’ve not seen anywhere like the Chelsea bridge as yet.

Guess the equivalent is the ace now… or boxhill, or BM on wednesday others might be around, but best ask face to face rather than post on public forum… :slight_smile:

I’ll ask you next time i see you. The BMM is nothing to what Chelsea bridge was like. They were all doing burnouts and wheelies out there.

Yeah I remember those days, one particular night in early 2003 there was this guy on a Ducati 996 with the fairing removed who was doing the most awesome rolling burnouts and stoppies in front of taxis as they drove past. Incredible skill. And very naughty.

There must have been about 400 bikers there, at least. Happy days :Wow:

basically why it got stopped.

we should try and promote blackheath tea hut more, theres no buildings around so residents cant moan about the noise.

Never managed to make the Chelsea bridge on a bike but drove past a few times in my car and looked awesome.

Yeah I used to go there most weeks when I was at uni (mid-90’s btw :wink: ) was such a good night, seen loads of nutters, and also a few crashes!!

and the food is not to bad;)

chelsea bridge used to be brill and then the runs out to heston services or stockly park where fun too

Yer it was a good meet, there was another meet like it at tescos becton as there was a none used road behing it but they stopped that place to.

they have been back at beckton for a few weeks …