Chelsea Bridge

Ive just had a call from Macp who is down at Chelsea Bridge and he tells me the Police are out in force and issueing leaflets and moving all the Bikers on and closing the area to Bikers tonight…

Much to the delight of the residents who I am told are all out on their balconys with victory written all over their faces !!!

Great, amazing what a bit of money can achieve on one hand and what a few twats on bikes/peds can on another.

Does this mean Chelsea bridge is closed for future meets on a Friday ?

Thursday is the new Friday dont ya know, that’ll p**s em off

That sucks! Moving it to another night does sound like a plan

Surely that just means that everyone will leave Chelsea Bridge and have fun/cause chaos elsewhere. It makes sense to have everything in one place like Chelsea Bridge then in many many places doesn’t it?

i wonder if the filth would have been out in force if it was a council est that looked over the bridge and they were moaning?

Lik fook they would, i bet the chief kuntstable has got a lady friend in the building, lol.

well i went up to the bridge tonite and the police were there on masse, stopping you from parking on the pavement, and stopping you parking on the road, and yes some of the residents were hanging out of there windows watching the events, dont know what this holds for the future or if the police prescence will die off in a few weeks.


Sounds perfect. It’s always difficult to find a policeman when you want to ask directions, to find out the time or to report some minor crime.

Friday nights at Chelsea Bridge I’ll have to save all my trivial enquiries until then.


Just been moved on from the Bridge! Years of history meeting there. NOW WHAT?

The residents may have a say in what happens but we have been there long before those bloody flats, we have a say as well.

Something needs to be organised? Any suggestions?

Hello troops! Long post…

Well what a night. Got down there early as I was meeting a load of guys from Minibus of police and Community Support Officers turned up and started handing out the leaflet.

Basically we had a chance to finish our tea and away - they the police suggested the park - which we did and after about 30 mins the park police arrived and announced the park was closed.

Of the two sets of Police - the local ;proper’ police were fair and polite - tried to relate and all that - but the message was firm f Off…

The park police - council employed were I’m afraid rude and insolent - a marked difference and if there was a going to be trouble this would have caused it.

SO with park shut - the rules state it shuts at dusk - they decided it was dusk - off I went to Frith.

Anyway - pointed out to police that some residents had parked scooters by the entrance - he advised me that the residents couldn’t have it both ways and they would be dealt with.

Additionally the Taxis were moved on. No messing - everything was cleared. Later I heard people had moved down to the Shell Garage - however when I passed by this was shut too.

There are a number of issues here and I’d stress that no one use this thread or forum to advocate anything unlawfull. This is a public forum and clearly is being viewed by lots of people.

All I’m trying to say is that in the current climate its important we don’t say anything on here that could be taken as advocating action that could condone law breaking - it sounds daft but you just never know …

So what can we do? A change of night might be nice however in the next few weeks enforcement will be applied as its the new thing and the police will have to be seen as applying the law - no doubt they were heavily criticsed over the the news report and need to be seen in a different light.

For sheer annoyance I’d advocate writing to the local police team about the letter. There are no contact details on the letter in case of query that’s grounds to complain - any complaint needs to be responded to - you get my drift.

Another issue here is the Tea Hut. This has been here for a very long time - Some mentioned over 80 years. His trade has been wiped out. I have his contact details and it may well be he’ll look to raise a petition which if he does we can all sign to show our support.

So they are looking to stop us parking up. Hhhhhmmmm If you look at the Chelsea bridge the road is nicely laid out with a roundabout at each end (roundabout by the Shell Garage on the South Side and Sloane Square to the North. It’s a nice road to ride up and down.

Of course I’m not advocating any sort of organised protest as this would need to cleared with the local police and marshalled etc and that would take time and money.

Maybe we should all sit tight and see what happens. If anyone is in the area during the week keep your eyes open and report any instances where parking restrictions are not being applied - as if the Police are shown to be only targeting the bikes they are not being fair…

BTW the authorities will also be using the CCTV cameras to enforce the parking so be careful

had this issue many moons ago when i used to criuse my 1.2 nova the police used to turn up telling us to move on etc etc which we did but after a few weeks they will stop attending but the bikes will slowly re appear in a cat and mouse situation eventually it will all die down over winter then next year we will all be back. but as for now rolling blockade up and down the bridge for a few hours as many bikes as poss???

Naturally we couldn’t advise people to do that but if they had the idea at the same time…

On a serious note the range of powers available is extensive I’m wondering if someone with experience of this stuff - in the application of these powers - could give some opinions

Nice one Barro for posting up!

No Bother mate !

Subsection 5 paragraph 4 on page 9 of the 1998 highways charter clearly states

“fuck em and burn rubber”

well myself, mellow, and jude went to Chelsea, it was my first visit and ive got to say i was bloody disapointed! and angry that the Police were just moving people on!. We pulled into the shell garage, stayed for 10 minutes and decided it was crap so we set our course for home, pity cos i had a really good nite at the Ace, and heard some great things about Chelsea, i was left feeling very disapointed.

mindyou always a good ride out!

why not all leave tthe ace by coincindence at the same time and head down in onee mahoosive group!! not an organised ride just sheer coincidence that were all heading to the same place at the same time! thats alot of bikes! and surely not that many police!

no fooking about jusst everyonee turn up, park up aand have a brew!

I used to always hear rumours about the road across the bridge actually being private, due to some archaic decree many years ago. Is there anyone who can verify this for us??

good idea but you need about 100 bikes all together lol i dont think we have 100 lb members that can make a friday night

but a fantastic idea

Ok ok its mine i admit, go on use it as you please tell the rozzers i sent ya

if it’s true, it changes a lot of things…

how about asking the killspills team to mention the bridge at the killspills day in september. We have 2000 bikers there.