Chelsea Bridge on Saturday Morning - the 5th?

so…is that mean they going to restart chelsea bridge? :smiley:

it was probably them wnkers who got the bridge closed down for us. Fck em!

Might nip along - my last reflective vest is somewhere on the M4 and I aim to pick up a freebie one!

That’s all fine but why don’t they invite car drivers as well and try to enlighten them about life on two wheels in London?

Away you with your common sense Mark, no place for that here!

Aye, I thought that when I was writing it but common sense never stopped me saying daft things.

Oh, and I’m a “VRU” am I?

Sounds like I should be attending the clap clinic.

No that was London Borough of Wandsworth…

Where does it say you get a free reflective vest? Am I missing something.

Not that I particularly need one - I’m wearing one now and I’ve got another 2 on my desk.

Oh and there’s a chance of winning a track day too. And a buttie van apparently. Since it’s Chelsea/Kensington I’m guessing it’s the north side, not the side where all the trouble was.

and since it’s to aid motorcyclists rather than hinder them I’d have thought a more charitable attitude was in order CR? But each to their own I suppose.

possibly i may go.:slight_smile:

i agree m8 but just seems 2 faced to use a spot that was made famous by motobikes that got closed down etc but i guarantee the week after they wont want you there.

Right, admission time. I don’t know my London history - how did motorbikes make Chelsea Bridge famous??? :blush:

+1 :angry:

use to be a tea stall there from 50/60;s and from rocker to nowadays motorcyclist/bikers used to meet there regularly until they built a poncey block of flats chelsea side and there was trouble from the residents about the bike noise etc, they had more “influence” and basically it all got shut down.
read under characteristics

Thanks for that, fascinating stuff. I’m planning to be there Saturday morning along with Mrs Sparky, who’s determined to hog the pillion seat on the bike this weekend.

The sooner she gets her own two wheels the better :kiss:

better take waterproofs :slight_smile:

It doesn’t but I would be surprised if I couldn’t cadge one from somewhere at a safety event!