Cheers for coming on my rideout andrew

Was a good laugh and I hoep you enjoyed it mate!

I actually saw you guys passing round the back of borehamwood towards shenley! I was on foot and saw your posts arranging to go for a ride! May get to tag along sometime.


I did I did.

Always good to find new roads and those roundabouts have serious potential.

I’m plannin’ a little jaunt out West soon over my fav roads so there’ll be an invite shortly. Hopefully before the weather closes in.

The more the merrier mate. I have seen your bike parked up at the ace a few times at the ace but don’t know what you look like.

You should have given us a wave did it look like we were riding slow?

Well I was thinking that maybe we could just organise a few of us to ride up to teh roundabouts some knee down practice. Stop in the petrol station drinks, crisps kick the tyres. I have waisted many hours at those roundabouts.