Cheeky question

Ok so I have just brought a new road bike (top secret as to what it is)…
But ive just been offered an awsome track bike that I cant let go!
The problem is that I need the money, after spending 5 G on my new one i havent got the spare money laying about…

So if anyone has and is willing to lend me 2 G for 2 months then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cheeky of me but you know when you get given an offer you cant refuse…
I will put a little interest on it too… PLEASE!!!

What will you do for the 2k… :wink:

April 1st on Friday :smiley:

Sorry I dont have the brass

Got an old 2 G phone you can have… :hehe:

sell ya gixxer :smiley:

well if it helps i will pledge £30 if all chip in you might just be lucky:D

i’ll lend you 2k

i want 14k back though…deal?


ooo dear, knew id get silly replies.

I only need 1000 now but if anyone can lend 500 that be cool…

I’ll do the 2G’s and only want 10G’s back:w00t:

Have a look here:

What is the collatoral and how soon do you need it?

you dont ask for much :laugh:

Ask illz…

Jetstream is right you need to put forward some collateral…

public begging… tut tut tut

if you cant afford it, you cant have it

i have a horse you can have;)

its a gg:hehe:

i’ll get my coat