Cheeky genious! Or fine and points?

Was stuck in the worst traffic ive seen thus far tonight on the northern circular! when a stroke of luck came in the form of flashing blue lights. Basically a coppa was pushing through flashing with siren, obviously all moved in a split as it was two lane traffic! I thought ******** to this and followed him for about 10 mins and flew through the traffic! obviously keeping my distance from him as not to **** him off!

so what the score?

obviously in that situation the cops are heading to an emergency and there not gonna stop to do you on a traffic violation. plus I was following the type of mid lane course I would usually! but kinda had this feeling follow the wrong the cop and maybe you’d get points and a fine???

any experience with this???

I think long as you are not speeding you are ok

i was told they won’t do anything to you unless a seperate police unit sees you then you can get pulled on it. don’t know the whole story though:cool:

I’d tend not to make use of emergency vehicles to make progress as traffic behind do not behave rationally, people go against lights that have changed while they let emergency vehicles through. You are on a bike, you’ll make progress anyhow.:wink:

I seem to get into that situation quite alot on the A13, normally the bikes are alot quicker through the traffic than the services, so you get alot of bikes in a line behind them, ive seen some bikes undertake them…not something i would suggest(unless you want to feck them off):smiley:

Not the best, the cars have the same idea, and pull in quickly behind those nice blue flashing lights, yeah cool, look at those lights, I’m gonna be cool and beat the traff… BANG…ehhh? what?? a bike? didnt see that…

Hmmm isnt that very illegal??