Checking in...

Hi, I met a few people down at Cubana’s the other night to sign the book for Ali (he also posted on a regular haunt of mine However you all seemed like such a nice bunch that I thought I’d stay awhile!

Hopefully get to meet some more of you on Wed/Fri nights out

Hiya and Welcome!!


Cheers hun! Thought I’d help bump up the number of girls around the place!

Welcome to LB

Hey RizlaSV, welcome to LB! Nice one for coming to sign the condolences book. Hope to see you out and about.

Ello Riz, welcome to LB

The More the Merrier, Join us on our up and coming St Georges Day Ride…Jump straight in mate.

Hi there, welcome

Hi there, welcome to LB. Yay, another girl!

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome, yayyyyyy another girl

Yeah, I get this a lot. They’re all just poor impersonations of the real thing

and what does that mean weaver… long words and foreign language… show off

Hi ya Riz, welcome to LB you coming on the St Georges Day ride out on the 23rd ? give me a shout if you want to, i’ll add you to the list. All the details of the ride are in the rideout thread.

P.S Mines a JD on the rocks please

A JD? OK, or otherwise I have some nice Havana Club on order - let the mojitos roll!

gonna see if I can make the rideout but won’t know til later in the week - fingers crossed!

RizlaSV, Hello and Welcome… See you at Cubana…