Checkin in

Good evening all,

Just thought I’d say hello and introduce myself to the Forum! I have a ZX7-R and live just outside Reading. Be good to hear from anybody in local area

May try to get down to a newbie night too, if I can find it!


Hi there, welcome to the forum

Welcome to LB


welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks for the welcome folks, I’m keen to join in!

Hello and welcome!

hiya n welcome

Welcome to LB!

Fuu ,

Get back to the 10R forum mate

Glad you signed up I think you will enjoy it here !!

Maybe you can come past mine on the 18th and we can do " Borough " together to save us getting lost !!

Cheers mate and WELCOME !!

MM ( alias Simple )

welcome to the site…

Hi there, I’m a newbie too & not too far from you.
Went to the meet last night - excellent.
So if you want to meet up on the way just let me know.

Alreet simple!

A blat on the 18th sounds top dollar fella!

Weather like this…it’s all good. It’s good in ere…just like the 10 site.

Did you know cookie monster released a single? I was listening to it on the way back from Canada last year…got to pass an 8 hour flight somehow!

Fancy a beer over this weekend then give me a bell.

Cheers dude.