Drivers face fines for expired licences

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A massive 300,000 photo card licences are due to expire in the next 12 months, yet a significant proportion of drivers are unaware that the new photo-style licences require updating every 10 years.

Unlike the superseded paper licence, which was valid ‘for life’, the new identity card versions feature a ‘valid until’ date, at which time motorists must shell out an extra £17.50 for a new card. It’s thought that a lot of drivers are not aware of this requirement.

This summer marked the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the new photo card licence and of the cards due for update a massive 28% are still outstanding, according to the DVLA. These drivers could face a £1,000 fine if asked to surrender the licence.

Though the expiry date is printed on the front of the photo cards, it can only be identified as such when the owner turns the card over and reads the small print.

Making matters more confusing is the presence on the back of the cards of a date until which time the motorists is registered to hold the licence - their 70th birthday.

According to the DVLA, reminders will now be sent to drivers with photo cards due to expire, while the Association of British Insurers has confirmed that insurance cover is unaffected by an expired photo card.

Blimey, didn’t realise that, mine expires in 2011 so I got a little bit of time left :slight_smile: The DVLA should def send reminders out as I bet hardly anyone knows this!!

us youngsters are ok, its these elderly folk like steve thats licences are due to expire…:smiley:

I don’t have the new style so no worries there then:D

Me either, still have the paper one only, and im not paying £17.50 to the DVLA just to change it. :cool:

Read about this a while ago and as ususal with me did bugger all about it… :smiley:

on soap box…

the DVLA have been given draconian powers to impose fines for almost any clerical error committed by the general public…sorn for instance 80 pound fine…not for riding illegally but for not getting the form in fast enough…nuts…

THe DVLA are a government with far too much autonomy and power and they should be reigned back in.

They generate paperwork to ensure massive government cash and to make sure they can employ loads of civil servants and therefore justify them by using them to impose ever more fines for administrative errors…this country is going to the dogs…

off soap box

Apparently they will send you a ‘renewal pack’ prior to it expiring… just like you always get a reminder for your tax :angry: I wouldn’t trust the DVLA to find their way out of a soggy paper bag.

yet another stealth tax though isn’t it ? £17.50 charge b’stids

I only recently paid £17.50 to get a new one after mine was stolen and again very recently before that to change the address, only had mine a few months and it expires end of Feb 2010! That’s ridiculous. :w00t: At this rate i’m going to be paying for a new license every year!

Mine ran out in Feb, didn’t realise until I was pulled in April and the policeman pointed it out to me.

Nothing happened he just asked me to get it renewed asap.

Yet another benefit of being an Old Git;):smiley:

I changed from and old paper licence to a new card one when i moved house, because of the address change it was free.

Pretty sure mine expires soon, didnt realise i had to pay for a new one…

Mine expires in 2011. The renewal rule is in the note that accompany the licence, and the renewal date should be on the hologram on the bottom left hand side (I think). You have to submit a new, up to date photo when you renew as well.

I’m surprised that people are not aware of this. I noticed as soon as i got mine back when i passed my test. The expiry date is clearly on the license, and tell you about it when you get the information leaflet.

You should always check your documents, esp if they have your name to them. It takes time, but saves a lot of hassel.

to be fair… our policy and I assume the same with other police forces… Would be to warn drivers to get it sorted, rather than send people to court.

The courts will also be lenient giving out the minimum fines initially.

However, if you decide to be a **** be sure any police officer would happy to see you out of pocket.

However, a little panic is always good to keep honest people on the ride side of the law :smiley:

suzuki angel…as we are blokes we dont read nuffin :smiley: let alone paperwork with ya licence :slight_smile:

westy you carry on being cheeky n its slapped thighs with wet lettuce leaf for you matey :P:P:D

I have one of the new fangled things but I was forced to get it, my old paper fell to pieces and at the time they were forcing people to get the new style one.

The reason for the expiry is to force you to renew the photo, nothing else. Change of address is free.

Mine runs out in 2010.

Just checked mine, it runs out 2012.

well id be blowed i didnt know that but as i have to get a new hgv one every 5 years mines due next year but will check when i get it…as keti says it says it on the back but who reads that:)