Check your Fotopic account !

It “appears” theyve gone bust ?

On Friday 2nd January 2008 photo sharing site suffered a
core equipment failure while upgrading the server and network capacity.
As a result of this the website was unavailable from
approximately 9am on Friday 2nd January.

Despite our best efforts to resolve the situation the gallery service
remained unavailable until approximately 10:30am on Monday 5th January

As a result of this outage we are examining our hosting capability and
contingency plans, but wish to assure customers that has
not ceased trading and will be enhancing its services during 2009. No
data or images have been lost during this time and all systems are back
to normal.

We apologise for the situation which was ultimately out of our control,
and would like to thank customers for bearing with us.

Best regards,

Snappy Designs Ltd trading as

You would not believe how many people mess up live hosting with shoody contingency plans. I’ve been witness to it myself, watching a former boss accidentally delete a commercial site’s database with no backup. It’s unthinkable, but there really are cowboys out there in charge of important stuff.

Howdy!! I don’t know my SEO from the GPO!

Yee Haa!!

Note to self, must make more backups… :w00t:

thats funny man, we had some guy working for us once, had every qualification under the sun for IT.

one day looking through the backup log and realised he had not backed anything up for 2 weeks and was so stupid he did not even know how to use the software!

so they are defo out there.