Just out of the shower and while slapping on the ol baby lotion ( and considering a quick wank ) i thought i found a lump…

after a second opinion…its nothing…but scared the sh1t out of me for a second non the less…

so lads…and lasses…give yourself a quick going over…;)…i can do a tutorial video if you like:pinch:


How bad has it gone with ye when you already mistake your bollocks with tiny lumps?

Was it a pimple?

Naaaa Car…

there’s a mass of memberains called the ‘Cremaster muscle’ that surround the Ballock which in my experience of feeling my self up regulary, know what it feels like…some of that stringy membrain can feel at times there is something there but its nothing to worry about…there is also on my left bollock something called the ’ Epididymis '…this is a tube like complicated fellow which has multipul parts to it ie: head body and tail…now theres a mass of cord above the head called the 'Spermatic cord that goes north up to something called the External inguinal ring…it was there i thought i found the lump…just abouve the head of the Epididymis…:satisfied:


Shane, do you ever worry about just how many people on LB know the intricate details of your knob, bollocks and arse? :laugh: I mean, I haven’t been here that long, and I’ve met you a handful of times, yet from the internet alone I know that you have a foreskin, had the sh!ts quite badly recently, and now the anatomy of bollocks.

The latter is probably the most educational, so fair dues to you for that explanation.

In all seriousness though, a guy I used to live with had a massive scare aged 28 when it came to testicular cancer. One wasn’t quite right, harder and tighter than the other one - so he dropped everything to get it checked out - as you should.

And then there’s this dude, who I have massive respect for A decathelete - top of his game, fit as a fiddle, had a ball removed, and is now undergoing chemo. His mental health throughout it is absolutely phenomenal - I have never seen anything like it.

Boys should do ball checks, and girls should do boob checks. I taught my exbf how to do a boob check when we were together - may as well have a bit of fun with it.

hang on , ‘second opinion’ ? …is Rob back from his tip already???:stuck_out_tongue:

You actually have a pair of balls?

Photo - or to me your still a LadyBoy

See…the reason i know all this Mini-Moto is because i once had a real bad accident…i was on a motorbike you see and i fell off catching my ballbag on the footpeg…

just for you moto ;).

(sorry for the picture quality…was taken on a Nokia N95)



Errrrrrrr No lol some of us still have pics of said knob FROM ONE EVENING MANY MOONS AGO WHEN HE DISPLAYED IT ON L.B FOR ALL TO SEE…:Whistling:

YES WASPIE…and i bet you have a good look while everyones in bed and your all by yourself…;)…glad i could be of service…but you can look at the real thing anytime my luvver…:D…steve wont mind:w00t:


yeah, she often ask’s why mine aint that small too:D

shane i`ll check yours for lumps anytime…:w00t:

With your tongue?

Strangely enough my appetite for the dinner I was cooking has now gone !

should have known better to enter a thread started with a warning from Smiled !!

there ya go my bonny wee boy…ive removed it for you Baz…Bon appa tit…!!!


ha ha, no need to remove it … after all, you did warn us, I’m just daft enough not to have listened.

Not likely lol but i may just one day repost it… elephant ears an all :wink:

Just give a shout before you do Waspie, so we can all get our magnifying glasses at the ready:P

gentlemen, I give you the lovely rachel stevens

Well, after that video I’ve just got to go and play with my balls! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue: