Hilarious, show us the letter sent!

His letter looked like it was constructed via the old ‘cut and paste’ method! lmao :hehe:

this letter is funny, i bet he had red steam comin out thru his ears when he wrote it:D


WTF! :w00t: This guy sounds like the Basil Fawlty of estate agents! Kempo mate - the guy is just a bitter eccentric - you and your girlfriend should just have a laugh about it - it’s so over the top and ridiculous it’s actually funny! - and it’s more interesting than the boring business letters I get! :wink: :hehe:



Don’t waste your time kempo - the guy needs psychiatric treatment - not duffing up! :stuck_out_tongue: - he’s probably completely lost it because his industry is in sh1t street at the moment - or maybe his wife ran off with another man or someone ran over his cat! :stuck_out_tongue:

The guy is a complete twat - don’t let some mad twat upset you mate! ;):slight_smile:

If you have to deal with this guy in the future and he carries on like this (he has no right to abuse your girlfriend on the basis of her nationality) - tell him that you won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour and that you’ll report him to the organisation that represents his business sector e.g. the National Association of Estate Agents or similar. :wink:

Just report him to the police for racism then get your girl to sue him for distress caused.

For good measure you could always send a copy of the email to the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) with a complaint of professional misconduct.

I would, on the basis of that note and its bigoted overtones, inform your Russian clients that this managing agent is not worth of their/your business, and transfer the entire property portfolio elsewhere.

Vote with your feet, plenty of estate agents will be clambering over themselves to get new business at the moment.

i will visit said estate agent posing as mr.p’s personal assistant if required and make him poop his pants? :smiley:

Something doesn’t add up…I can’t see anything in your gf’s letter that he refers to in his…maybe you’re being a bit harsh on the guy- it might be mistaken identity and he’s being misogynistic and rascist towards someone else :w00t:!

He sounds a bit of a loose canon anyway, no?

I don’t think there’s anything unreasonable about the tone of your girlfriends letter, that said I suspect he is acting legally in the way he’s levying the charges. Not sure about the consultation part, there might be some scope for recourse on the basis that they should have consulted with those that were obliged to pay service charge. But to be frank the whole managing agent thing is a total minefield, not to mention a license to print money.

Under s1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1998 states that: It is an offence to send an indecent, offensive or threatening letter or other form of electronic communication to another person.

As you clearly find his reply offensive I’d say that you’d be within your rights to contact the Police. I would also suggest that there is a clear racial motivation in his response and as such the initial offence could be considered a ‘Hate Crime’ - Any incident, which constitutes a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.

In the end however it’s unlikely to go anywhere… but if you’re lucky he might get a visit from the Met, which at the very least will surprise him! Of course if you’re to maintain any relationship with the arse you might want to consider if this is likely to improve your ability to deal with him.

P.S. you missed a few bits of info, you should go back and edit it for all names.

Good advice here about the legalities.

So go through that process. And then let someone (else) go round and kick the crap out of him. What an arse!

think he is being offensive because he is hiding something. I would keep pestering and find out more…I think you may have stumbled upon a potential crime…he has to provide a clear and accurate list of all costs. Try to keep personal comments out of it like, daylight robbery, just keep drilling information out of him and check it against your lease to make sure they are legitimate and within normal and expected figures…he cannot just do as he pleases

£1880 per year maintenance sounds high to me…but I have no idea where and what you live in…

I’d say you must report him.

Totally unacceptable. Stop him now, he needs taking to task.

This looks ot me like an actional case for compensation as there is a clear attempt to creat a hostile enviroment which would not be the case if he had been writing to a person of another race or national origin.

I would seek advice from the Commission For Equality and Human Rights.

Not sure what the Police would be interested in as this looks to me like a civil mater.

agree but I also think he may be fiddling the costs and the charges…someone is making a fast buck here to the detriment of other people…and he is being totally unacceptably rude and offensive…

I’d definately contact the National Association of Estate Agents over this. You can’t go around writing letters like that, no matter how bad the market is!