Check this bike out.

Look how far you have to lean forward.

Also check the price, any takers? :w00t:

Oh my god it’s… it’s UGLY AS SIN.

That bike really came out of the Ferrari design labs? I’ve seen better bikes from the 60’s…

And a measly 105bhp for a quarter of a million pounds? Rip off I say…

EDIT: Just noticed it’s all the wrong way 'round too. To me that looks as if we have gear change right hand side, braking left hand side. That’ll just confuse most bikers. What an awful machine.

MORE EDIT: Is that an outlet directly out of the combustion chamber I see…?

I (and a few more on here I would imagine ) remember when that was how it was on most bikes…we adjusted without too much confusion when the Japs arrived

Looks like the rear brake linkage is broken. I’d expect a discount for that.

He he, It does look like it’s not connected :w00t: You have a sharp eye :wink:

Its not my cup of tea.

What ever it is right next to where my knee would be :pinch:

I think you are refering to side draft weber carbs with bellmouth inlets … just a guess. :wink:

I rather like it.
if nothing else than from an engineering perspective, you have to admire the workmanship

Would be ideal for me, being a knuckle dragging gorilla type. :smiley:

tel you would still make it look like a mini moto think we should start a fund to buy you a bike that fits

Cheers pal, thought my Busa fit OK. :crying:

Hows J doing? Heard he had an accident?