Check out Lewis Hamiltons straight answers to Ferraris QC in front of the judge in his points deduction appeal


Says it all really. . . I hope Lewis wins his case and takes the championship. F*ck Ferrari.

very odd statement from hamilton though about him knowing more about formula one than ferrari…wonder what he meant by that…

Yes - that was rather strange! :slight_smile: . I guess it’s the kind of arrogant crap that lots of young guys come out with! Most of us have had that kind of egotism beaten out of us by about 35! I expect his sports psychologists (they drum total self-belief into champion sportsmen and women e.g. look at tennis players!) have something to do with it :wink:

I think his point is that unless you ever have compete at his level and been in the driver seat, U think you know but you know **** all…

True. :slight_smile:

Its not called F1 for nothing…Ferrari 1

If nothing else it makes the rest of the season a little more intense and even more reason for Hamilton to show the rest who is the better driver.

Whatever he meant it just shows again what an arogant [email protected] he is. Putting the penalty issue asside, I don’t think there’s any denying that Ferrari has a great history in racing and F1 and thinking saying stuff like that just sounds childish.

I dont really understand why Ferrari is getting that involved or cross examine Lewis, the matter is between McLaren and the FIA stewards. I just start to hate Ferrari!!!

I think the QC was implying that because he was under instruction from Ferarri it meant He (the QC) knew just as much about F1…which is incredibly egotistical to say - f**k Hamilton races the cars, not the QC!. I know QC’s are meant to be great blaggers, but there is no way that a QC can understand F1 if he’s never driven an F1 car in an F1 race.

Its difficult to get the full jist as there isnt a transcript and the BBCs article just uses certain words in the quote…

I think that Hamilton did a great job personalising it. It was the best race I’d seen for a long long time - and its just unfortunate that the stewards had to go and spoil it… it takes the “racing” element out of it and puts more emphasis on the strategy side of the race…

I hope he wins the appeal - he is a great driver in a good car admitidly, but Mclaren have done the right thing with him they’ve moulded him into what THEY want. I’m fairly confident that Lewis will become as much of a great as Schumacher - so long as he doesn’t go the way of Raikkonen falling off boats and getting pissed up all the time…

driesie (23/09/2008)

I thought this was prerequisite for the job. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really watch Formula 1 (unless I’m having trouble sleeping), but I watched this race, and thought Hamilton was hard done by. Drivers go off-track all the time, usually to avoid a pile-up, and don’t get done for it.

He is 20 odd years old, leading the drivers championship in his second F1 season after finishing runner up in his first season. He has the right to be arrogant. He is the best F1 driver on that grid at the minute and he will be a world champion this year. Again, I’d say he has the right to be arrogant.

Bottom line here is that if Hamilton hadn’t gone off the track, Raikkonen would have crashed into him. And to have spotted Raikonnen coming from that angle in his blind spot shows incredible observation skills. The officials should have been praising Hamilton for averting an accident, and allowing Raikonnen to go in front to boot!

I used to watch F1 all the time when Mansell and Hill were in it. I stopped watching it when Schumacher kept winning as it got boring then. I got back into it since Hamilton joined but if he loses this appeal I doubt I will ever watch F1 again, it would show itself up to be an unfair, stupid sport with rules set and enforced by Ferrari and their cohorts.

F1 was very nice up to few years ago. I do not like it anymore (although I watched it), too many rules and from my point of you not a real competition.

by the way the problem mentioned above is between the Hamilton and the FIA.
In my opinion Hamilton was wrong.


Hamilton lost - pah!

Ditto. Ferrari Internationale Assistance strikes again.

He’s obviously a really good driver, he’s still a [email protected], and if he’s the best, we’ll see. I think Kubica, Vettel, Raikonen are in the same league, and all of them much nicer personalities, and Alonso is overall still a better driver.
I can’t wait to see Vettel in a fast car. He’ll step in Shumi’s footsteps, I think, not Hamilton.

What do you expect as the F.I.A is Ferrari`s sex toy and do anything that Ferrari ask them.

My interest in Formula One has just ended.

It’s not a sport. It’s an advertising opportunity for Ferrari.

Eh? Hamilton tried to go round Kimi at the chicane but went in too quick, ran off the track and tried to barge back on alongside Kimi. Kimi, on the other hand, stuck to the racing line.

It was a problem of Hamilton’s making. But having said that, I was still annoyed that the officials penalised Hamilton the way they did. It should have been left alone as it was just a racing incident IMHO.