Cheating husbands . . .





sad woman…

i think its pretty funny actually

just LOL at the billboard one

Love it!!

Revenge is sweet eh?:smiley:

I’m guessing a simple SORRY wouldn’t work here? :smiley:

steve…stop annoying the ladies it’s bad karma

I once left my car in a pub car park while i went out on the town with a couple of female friends, when i went to collect it the following day the whole car was covered in smashed eggs which had baked on in the sun:angry:
I didnt even have a girlfriend, an ex girlfriend just didnt like the idea of me having any fun again…ever !:ermm:
psycho bitches from hell ,every one of em :wink:

that’s why I got motorbike 6 moths ago :slight_smile: no problems so far and If I be bored can always get another one :smiley: no revenge from her either :wink:

LOL I had that once on a MK 1 Capri :cool: vinyl roof :hehe: ran right down the black paint too and it’d had been blended, shells and all with ketchup :pinch:

Took forever to get off :wink:

Like the billboard lol :smiley:

Think she paid for more than one! :w00t:

I`d better not upset my misses if that sort of thing happens.

Hell hath no fury like a woman…

Well she didnt pay for any of em cos they are both photoshopped…

Photoshop wins again.

I had to put up with the moan, even got told if we had a family I had to get rid of the bike.

I left the next day never to return.

How happy am I,

My Suzi starts when you press her red button,

Loves to be ridden hard,

Doesn’t compalin if I ride another,

Is totally reliable,

And doesn’t expect anything from me when I’m finnished ridding her.