Cheapest place to purchase Avon PXR front

fellow knobbers,

anyone got a hint? Cheapest place?

Any footfalls when changing wheel or its like my old bmx, few old spoons and some swearing out of earshot of my dad?


Or if fitting your own I’ve always found Watling tyres best value mail order.

Cheers both.

Ill fit my own, wheel out, internet job the job. Prob wont get it fitted at watling. hate them. too many bad experiences within my circle of friends. Might get a crowbar myself… :smiley:

Yep. Watling are around the corner from me, that was the only reason I used to use them, but last time the guy actually refused to sell me a PXR front because it didn’t match the rear and he said I really needed a Pilot Road.
I tried to explain, but he would have it and refused to sell me the tyre.

haha. who cares what tyre you fit and what way round you do it. twat head. I know there are reasons you usually match sports bike tyres but this is a clear gain on a SM. He should have just done it or actually listened.


Wot a cool name you got there Lewis :smiley:

Now get rid of that Gay avatar :Whistling:

I’ve only ever used Watling for mail order - never had any arguments about what pairings I’m planning! But will hesitate before recommending them again :wink:

Watling ruined my R6 rear bearings. Didnt fit it when changing tyres and simply over tightened. Ruined bearing, spindle and nut. Then tried to claim it wasnt them. I routed through their box of bits and found the spacer! twats.

Brother took his Duc wheel to another watling…they scrape a nice grove round the rim removing the paint of his gold wheels. Again, shrugged it off and had to put up with it. twats.2

Took loose wheels to them, front and rear, charged me £40 for tyre change over, forgot to balance the rear rim. when took it back he said “it must have fallen off”…what in the boot of the car on the way home? twats.3

Will NOT use them again.

Just something that came to me really :smiley:

the avatar is staying for a few days so everyone knows it me! lol

Yeah, just try to explain that to a brain numb moron. :wink:

Essential struck again. £110 fited. NO LB discount - didnt know there was such a thing :hehe: