cheap tyres?

well iam needing a new back tyre asap iam after a 110/80/18 or a 120/80/18
dont need to be nowt fancy as it only for a 125 does any one no any were in london to get a cheap one? cheers.

essential rubber;) google it:)

essential rubber


+on prices
+on service

both thumbs up!!!

definitely look at essential rubber went down today for new rubbers top service in and out in 15 minutes for new rear, for quids cheaper than anyone else i phoned, and had a good number of options in stock. will be going back when the fronts due.

see another convert:D

FWR occasionally do some deals worth going for - but the level of service you get is pot luck.

A seller called round and black on ebay, next day delivery and good prices. Only problem is you need a friendly local fitter to fit them for you.

i fit them my self np lool. just done my front tyre fitted a bt39ss and the back 1 iam gonan get online as its nere bald and i dont want a tug from the old bill:P. are pretty good if you can get them fitted or diy. Also FWR seem very reasonable but as has been mentioned before the service can be a little shaky at time!