Cheap Tyres / Part Worn Tyres

Hi Guys,

Does anybody know anywhere to get cheap tyres from or even part worn tyres in the slough area at all? I’ve been quoted £240 from HGB in ruislip to replace both tyres but to be honest for the value of the NTV, the tyres would be worth more then the bike if I did that and I’d rather just get some cheap tyres for it…


£240…they are having a bubble mate…if you scour about you should be able to find a pair for your ntv …knock a £100 off that price and still get brand new :slight_smile:

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Would that be a fitted price, I found prices for just tyres only of about £120 but nowhere near that price with fitting nearby :frowning: TBH if I have to drive all the way to East London, I don’t mind if its that kind of price


essential quoted me about £160 for new front and rear (Avon) on my Bros.

Ah cool thanks, have you got any details for them?

thinking about it, the price may be wrong ( i did them at separate times, and trying to add the price together)

though they allways seem to come up cheapest

(plus 10% off if you say you’re from LB)

ok cool, thanks!

what? If I had known that earlier, lol


there is a stickey about it in general chat :Whistling:

edit: ok, theres not, but im sure there used to be one there

Do you know if this workshop is still open?


unfortunalty not, they closed down a few years ago.

IIRC the staff went on to other bike tyre shops, but i don’t know where

thanks Boris.

From what I was told the main guy at Essential retired. Are you after tyres or servicing?

Was that Mick? Was such a shame as they were great guys. Everytime I went there I always bumped into another London Biker. Usually AndyP.

If you are looking for a fitter I’ve had good experience at Pro Tyre Enfield.

I think AndyP lived there :joy:

tyres, if it’s possible around SE3

Not sure about SE3, but Two Tyres near the Oval gave me a cracking deal on a new set of tyres:

They only opened this year.

many thanks for your recommendation!

Couple of threads:

They are on the forum so maybe send them a PM/DM and ask for a quote.

Thanks for the nudge Kevsta.

We don’t sell part-worns because we can’t vouch for them.

We are open during lockdown and we have some good deals if you want budget rubber. Continental and Avon have some decent products for big bikes. Give us a call on 0207 205 2205.