Sainsburys in Alperton are doing it at £1.27 a litre…

It’s on Ealing road just north of hanger lane…

Bad times when 127 has become ‘cheap’ :frowning:

no way…:smiley: THAT IS SOOOO CHEAP!!!


I found this a while ago:

No idea how accurate it is.

It’s true.

Sainsburys Alperton and Tesco Hoover, both £126.9p

And Its ridiculous that we think that that is a ‘cheap’ price.
Less than 2 years ago it was under a pound. Grumble.

I use you get an email once a week with the prices at local garages, seems pretty accurate

The Shell on the N. Circular just passed the A40 going shouthwards is the cheapest non-supermarket fuel I’ve seen at 1.29 (or was that 129.9 - damn marketing prices!!!)